Lamborghini Tractor G.35 H

configurations27_XL Lamborghini_Green_Pro_G.35_H_MFWD_-_2012

The minimal tractor for huge workloads

With its position of safety and adjusted forms, the Lamborghini Green Pro would appear to have been styled transcendently for visual request, however as a general rule each point of interest has been examined with greatest working effectiveness and watch over harvests as a top priority.

Little and minimal, however with all the punch of much greater machines. The Lamborghini Green Pro G.35 H is the perfect smaller, reacting flawlessly to the requirement for ideal strength and tractive exertion under a wide range of working conditions. The diving hood offers flawless forward vision, including another measurement of reasonableness and straightforwardness of utilization for this model.

A mechanically controlled back lift with a liberal limit (1200 kg) ensures high working execution. The auxiliary quality of the G.35 H and its capable pressure driven framework, with front and mid spool valves controlled by a joystick, gives the perfect mix to taking care of and clearing operations utilizing a front loader.



Mitsubishi engine 4-cylinder Diesel, 1758 cc liquid-cooled             features18_XL
35 horsepower
Double air filter
High capacity aluminium radiator
4-wheel drive
Differential lock
Hydrostatic transmission with 3 ranges
Power steering.










Equal to every application with a next-generation engine

The Tier 3A motor is among the most minimal and effective in its class. Renowned for its especially basic development, the 4-barrel Mitsubishi motor determined for the G.35 H model highlights an astounding torque bend, and the sort of adaptability that originates from having brilliant power and torque move down to overcome sudden varieties in burden.

Also, with a tank of 25 liters limit, refueling stops will be few and far between. The G.35 H has a 3-territory hydrostatic transmission and is equipped for paces up to 27 km/h, however it is the simplicity of driveability and easy to use controls that are the genuine shocks for administrators of this machine. The transmission has been enhanced, and gives the same tough quality as those of much greater machines.

The model G.35 H offers top execution on transport obligations as well, and is effortlessness itself to drive, with only two autonomous pedals giving control of forward and reverse, and the office of setting and holding a consistent ground speed with journey control. A choice of PTO rates gives the G.35 H particular genuine assortment. With electrohydraulically worked front and back differential locks and an overwhelming obligation front pivot (liberal 52° guiding point), brisk and smooth moving is attained to even in the most secure of spaces.

Dynamic wellbeing is ensured by intense and effective oil-drenched plate brakes.


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