Lamborghini Superbikes




Romanian fashioner Laurentiu Trifescu pictures how a Lamborghini superbike could look like if the Italian supercar producer would ever consider creating one.

The name Caramelo comes, similar to on account of most Lambo items, from an acclaimed Spanish bull. This vanquished a lion and a tiger in the Madrid enclosure in 1877. The creature’s fearlessness and quality awed the gathering of people so much that they shouted for it to be saved and his name is recalled right up ’til today.

Taking after the genuine Italian soul, the Caramelo should be a superbike based on a tubular steel outline with single-sided swingarm and controlled by an effective 1000cc V4 motor. The outline meets the edge style of the Murcielago and Gallardo and it is described by precise lines and cleaner surfaces.




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