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in 1998, Lamborghini went under full responsibility for and the last vehicle to be created by Lamborghini as an autonomous organization was the Pregunta – an idea auto planned in participation with the Italian Studio Heuliez-Torino. While the various models in Lamborghini’s lineup were named after celebrated bulls, the “Pregunta” got a less complex name: “pregunta” is the Spanish word for “inquiry.”

With the Pregunta, Lamborghini needed to add to a vehicle that was “new, unique and difficult to mistake for some other.” The idea was uncovered in 1998 at the Paris Auto Show and indicated again at the 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Pregunta was constrained to stand out unit and you can envision that the opportunity to really drive one is really uncommon. Presently, the idea has been put on special by British site and can be yours for €1.6 million (about $2.1 million at the flow trade rate).The Pregunta is taking into account the Diablo body and is fueled by a V-12 motor that conveys an aggregate of 530 torque. The idea is guaranteed to hit a top pace of 333 km/h (206 mph), making the Pregunta quicker than its Diablo benefactor, which can hit a top velocity of 200 mph.

Additionally, when contrasted with the Diablo, the Pregunta highlights a lighter and more clear back wheel-drive structure, and the radiators have been moved to the front. The idea additionally utilizes advancements seen on Formula 1 autos, including: Dassault stealth outside paintwork (from the Dassault Rafale plane warrior), element air admissions, completely electronic F-1 sort Marelli instruments, inside optical-fiber lighting (DGA), rearview cam and CDI Cristine GPS framewor.

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